30 April 2008

Nomads Magazine

NOMADS is the only magazine in the Maltese Islands featuring the travel industry. themed articles such as leisure travel, exotic travel, adventure travel, honeymoon travel, business travel, sports travel, travelling for fashion and many more.
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Tee Store

Purchase any of my tees. there are more designs on the site to chose from. the tees are printed on 100% cotton American Apparel fabric, and are available in cuts to suit men, women and children.

28 April 2008

Nitro Magazine # 5

The fifth issue of Nitro Magazine features Drag Racing, Hillclimb, Bangers and Offroading events, while it also focuses on the newly founded Karting Association. In addition, the bi-monthly magazine includes also various technical features, which along with the step-by-step guide and this issue’s Spares Section are absolutely essential for all those car lovers out there. This issue offers a range of car profiles analyzing some of the outstanding body-styling modifications.

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26 April 2008

25 April 2008

Fish Tee

This is a new tee i just designed & will be for sale in a few weeks. if interested email me and pre-order. Pre-orders will inc free shipping and some free badges - tee will cost €19.50