10 October 2011

04 February 2010

Showreel 2010

This is my 2010 showreel. The shots i put in the reel are the ones i feel turned out the best and are interesting to watch. The shots are all assignments from animationmentor.com which i started in Jan 09. Hope you enjoy this and please feel free to comment.

In the reel you will also find the finished 'Failed' shot with full facial animation and obviously a few changes on the animation...

the amazing Mentors that pushed me to the limit:
Class 1: Elliott Roberts
Class 2: Shawn Freeman
Class 3: Josh Book
Class 4: Michelle Meeker
Class 5: Michelle Meeker - Current class

09 July 2009

AM Class 2 Progress Reel

here you go .... 6 months of animation training in a short clip...