09 July 2009

AM Class 2 Progress Reel

here you go .... 6 months of animation training in a short clip...


Jason J. said...

Hey Matt. Got your comment (replied on my blog but figured you probably wouldn't end up getting it). Anyway, yeah no big deal. Your profile pic was a good one anyway :) So yeah, just now seeing your finished reel. Great stuff. I'd definitely say that, of your class 2 shots, the second one (parkour) was by far the strongest. Really good weight and the camera move works nicely. Demo reel quality I think :) Cheers bro,


matt bugeja said...

Hey Jason...

thanks for the reply... Where are you, i cant find you in my buddy list!!! are u on a leave of absence??.. if so i hope to see u back soon ..

i totally agree with you on the parkour, its by far my favorite!! i worked extremely hard on that shot, but was a bit busy with work on the other 2 shots so didnt have much time :(


animation tutorials said...

I need your help to solve my problem, I have one shot that have to be corrected. The problem is the camera angle is changing perspective. I've tried many ways, but it seem I am not smart like you guys. Can you help me. What is your email, I would like to send you the shot. Your help is really much appreciate.

matt bugeja said...

Hey Animtion Tuts... thanks for the post & great feedback!

post your email here and ill email you my details, ill see how i can help as i also find camera moves hard to control