09 July 2009

AM Class 2 Progress Reel

here you go .... 6 months of animation training in a short clip...

24 March 2009

AM Class 1 Progress Reel

After 12 weeks of fun, sleepless nights, sweat & tears here is my final class 1 progress reel:

AM Progress - 11

Walk with Character - Final:


AM Progress - 10

Walk with Character - Blocking:


14 March 2009

AM Progress - 9

Final Vanilla Walk:

Concerned Pose:

Concerned Planning:

01 March 2009

AM Progress - 8

Vanilla Walk

Physical Strength

Physical Strength Sketches

AM Progress - 7

TAILOR - showcasing the overlapping action of the tail.



18 February 2009

AM Progress - 6

Overlapping action 2D plan:

Overlapping action:
this did not turn out the same as the 2D plan due to some controls that were locked fr this assignment.

08 February 2009


Devastation Sketches

AM Progress - 5

Anticipation and Squash and Stretch

AM progress - 4

Week 4 Progress. Introduction to Timing and Spacing

28 January 2009

AM progress - 2

OK! So this is the next stage. It turned out to be better then i thought it would have. If you think animating a bounce ball is easy... YOU ARE SOO00oo WRONG!
here you go, the BOUNCING BALL:

and the 3rd pose.

20 January 2009

Monsters vs Aliens

Another impressive & funny movie by Dreamworks Monsters vs Aliens . Release date March 09.

If there is an IMAX theater in your area you will be very happy to know that you can have the IMAX Experience, so get 3D your glasses ready for the big day!

(The film has a simultaneous release to conventional digital 3D theaters and IMAX 3D theaters.)


Directors Interview:

Lip Sync Webinar from Jason Ryan Animation

January Webinar Teaser (January 24th 2008,1pm until 3pm PST)

"In this January Webinar, I will be lecturing about Lip Sync, Expressions and character set up tips and tricks.
This lecture will really help you to get your Lip Sync blocked in fast. I will be including aFlipbook scene for download as a tool for Lip Sync. This tool will allow you tosolve your lip sync for your shots without even drawing a single frame.
In fact, Kent Braun from Digicel Flipbook liked this idea so much, his team is actually making a Lip Sync tool with this concept in mind, for the soon to be released Flipbook 6. In this new version of Flipbook there is going to be some really cool new features as well as making existing tools easier to use.

In this live event, we will take a few lines of dialogue and break it down to find the most important sounds to hit and more importantly which one's not to hit. I will be talking about all the things that I look for when animating Lip Sync, like the relationship of the Jaw to the eye mask and how you can relate it to the Bouncing Ball. I will be explaining the thinking behind the two frame rule of preceding the sound and why some sounds should be hit right on the nose.

This two hour lecture will of course be fully downloadable for future viewing.
Don't miss this Live event...Register now."


Jason Ryan Webinars >>

19 January 2009

Animation Drawing Course

I came across this drawing course which I thought I should share with you guys.

In this Blog you will find 10 lessons where they go through all the principles related to drawing for animation

"If you learn the principles correctly, you will be able to draw in any style today. You'll be miserable having to dumb down your abilities- but you will be in demand." --John Kricfalusi

Lesson 1 >>


Tips & Tricks - by Shawn Kelly

A lot of people already know about this but for those of you who don't you're missing out big time! this is an amazing blog by Shawn Kelly (co-founder of AnimationMentor.com). It's a Place for people to ask questions & learn more about character animation. Shawn Kelly, Animation Mentor staff and associates will answer questions, provide tips and tricks, and share ideas about animating. Everyone is welcome to post their opinions, ideas and questions on the blog. click here to check it out

17 January 2009

Sad Pose

I created this pose while doing research for my first assignment and did a quick test on 'Stu' (the character used at AM). This pose is the final shot after a lot of revision.

AM - Progress 1

as promised (a few minutes ago) i will be updating the blog with some cool stuff and will start with my first progress shots.

3D Charatcer Animation - AnimationMentor.com

Hi all, i have started this course with animationmentor.com which is based on 3D CHARACTER ANIMATION.

For the next 18 months i will be showing all the progress i'm making and will also be posting a ton of informative links for some of the best animation portals & blogs. So far this course is AMAZING.. in just 2 weeks you learn more then you ever thought you would about this subject.

Do you want to be taught by the best animators on the globe? whether you are already an animator or a newbie like myself make sure you visit animationmentor.com and you will not disappointed!