20 January 2009

Lip Sync Webinar from Jason Ryan Animation

January Webinar Teaser (January 24th 2008,1pm until 3pm PST)

"In this January Webinar, I will be lecturing about Lip Sync, Expressions and character set up tips and tricks.
This lecture will really help you to get your Lip Sync blocked in fast. I will be including aFlipbook scene for download as a tool for Lip Sync. This tool will allow you tosolve your lip sync for your shots without even drawing a single frame.
In fact, Kent Braun from Digicel Flipbook liked this idea so much, his team is actually making a Lip Sync tool with this concept in mind, for the soon to be released Flipbook 6. In this new version of Flipbook there is going to be some really cool new features as well as making existing tools easier to use.

In this live event, we will take a few lines of dialogue and break it down to find the most important sounds to hit and more importantly which one's not to hit. I will be talking about all the things that I look for when animating Lip Sync, like the relationship of the Jaw to the eye mask and how you can relate it to the Bouncing Ball. I will be explaining the thinking behind the two frame rule of preceding the sound and why some sounds should be hit right on the nose.

This two hour lecture will of course be fully downloadable for future viewing.
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animation tutorials said...

i didn't have the honor to attend a AM course but just seeing how passionate Jason is about animation and he showed that by posting a thread at the 11secondclub forum and like the AM forum responded every single question.. after that i was like "I am gonna take his course for sure!" .. looking forward to it :)